Monday, December 10, 2012

Down the in Darkness

Levitate inwards. Recite the psalms 
Incantations of spirits, rise 
Dissolving into the night forever 
Distant bells ring aloud 
Moonshine creeps down past the church spires. 
Their shadow flickers and waves 
A wind shakes the trees 
They look like skeletons lurching upon the skies canvas. 
Shifting clouds obstruct the moonlight 
Contrasting sepia candle from down the in darkness. 
Reaching out closer and closer 
Engulfing all into white shrouded realms 

Cold silence outward 
Reaches the steps of where we want to climb, 
Nothing is distinguished 
Except the patterns in our hearts all broken up 
And observed wrong, 
Viewers search for bodies of light or figures 
Drawing in ‘the out of frame’ 

Viewers search for colliding waves on this ocean of sound 

Someone heard nothing…. 

Viewers search for logical ways in a world where nothing’s pure 

No soul is sacred… 

Propose to the wind 
Enthroned it beckons 
Recite the psalms. Levitate inwards 

Trevor James & Alec Wildey 
December 10, 2012

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