Monday, November 26, 2012

γράφειν (prt. III) Absent Presence

The pain continues 
The pulse of his words
To write, to create 
And to suffer... 

The stone on the wall
Of the third cross...
The modern notion
Of spiritual but not religious 

The modern motion; 

I do not know what God is,
But I know all too well what it is to be
Haunted by this... 
By this Insignificance; 

I desire, not knowing what for
I love but I know not who...
I cry but I know not why.
I am passionate for God knows what...
I am praying for a prayer. 

The pain continues 

The Vision of the holy one
Is blurred
This one Saints Vision 

Standing next to you
In comparison
We are joined by the fire
In compassion 

I alone

Still seeking refuge... 

The pain uncovers
(The art)
The references iconic... 

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