Monday, November 19, 2012

Mind's Eye

We could be so good
Searching for the lighter part of the sky that ends in darkness
Like the rope circles the fire
The tears breaks away into our skin
Dissolves all the scarring...

One path I found I knew wasn't right.
I walk down every day
And feel the same pain exists no matter what...
No matter who is on the other side,
It isn't safe. 

No harm in trying... 

Sometimes we just don't listen...
Collapsed my voice into this morning
There isn't anyone...
Willing to make the sacrifice 
It isn't patience you lack 
It's understanding... 

The void splits right through you 
This meaningless face again 
Repeats the apprehensive  
One foot out the door
And the other in the grave beside her
The angels pray no more

No sun only rain... 
Riding the wings of adrenaline 

Red is mind's eye...

Words start to form 
As love could happen to some
Lunatic Soul...
As love could concur...
This rem sleep isn't eternal;
You have to help me wake in the night
As I see no less for life 
What's good and what's evil... 

Red is mind's eye;

We could be so good

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