Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Gallows. Part III.

Worship had long since passed, 
Lost all meaning in the half-light 
Starring at a break in his neck 
Soulless and sound
The balance again 
Hangs in the force of the storm 

And what you had justified... 

Harmony, sacrifice... 

To inherit his wealth... 
To inherit. 

Seems the voice of greed takes the soul, 
One monument over the scaffold and gone. 

To strong the urge inside you 
The pulse with numbered motives... 

One to see this whole thing through... 
Until it's over 

It's over... 

What is left now? 

Love has long since passed; 
Lost all meaning in the half-light 
Starring at a rose in the obituary 

Candlelight rushes through golden, empty 
Where a feather once rested 
Drenched in blood 

Wrote the last verse... 

Near the gallows... 
Of the same distant heartbeat 
Everything would change 

Though in my eyes 
I would still feel as small 
As the world had proven, 

As I had seen the innocent drop 

Sometime in mid October...

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