Friday, November 9, 2012

Couloir Vide

I see more beauty with my eyes wide shut
Close the door to the rectory 
Make sure the incense drifts out... 
Calmly in your place of worship 
Your peace...
One frame of mind to the next
State of grace
Discarded love and everything associated.  

The corridor is empty, no piano echos 
For your smoke to inhale with sound...
If only we could turn back the clock
To when we we're children 
And see what the difference is now... 

What truly matters... 

There is hope but envy just as strong as there is anger. 
And you alone will not rest until 
It kills me...
Piece by piece... 
Body and soul, reflection
In the flesh
Nothing faithful from you...

No one is worth this.
Kind of pain 

But you alone. 

I see more beauty with my eyes wide shut

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