Monday, October 22, 2012

Mosaic Renown

Significance under the sun 
Blackrays of red and orange 
Procession of hope 
Mortality lost for this dying rose 
This one perished note 
Written in the same silenced vein 

Silence rises and grows on this gentle light 
Mute memories of human intents 
Awakening life echoes with infinite ripples 
Ceasing oblivion a banished wrote… 
Seeps into my mind this dim flower-scent 
Dead flowers shatter mindless frown 

I have grown with age…. 
See the morning rise as the prayer 
Is something only you can hear 
And speak-

Within you 

The final gold in the autumn storm 
The rain bewilders the sunlight 
And I am old enough now… 

Though I imagine this nostalgia of past 
Communed by me unceasing 
River fireworks and us together 
The waves of flushing snapshots-blow 
Past this opaque window of noise 
Obscurity rendered my passion 
This wilting petal prolongs my internal 
Banishment – I walk solerly solo in… 

Crying arms welcoming 
The pure and honest meaning of life 
The reasons almost mosaic 
I try so hard but fail to understand 
The artists divine… 
Though I feel inspired, I feel renown 
So strangely complete 
As everything and everyone 
Is the way that it is… 

This one perished note 
Written in the same silenced vain. 

Alec Wildey & Trevor James
Oct 21, 2012 @ Mount Pleasant Cemetery  

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  1. Obscurity rendered my passion
    Me gusta, buena colaboracion de TJ.
    Alec I like the idea of ​​writing with a friend :)

    Significance under the sun
    Blackrays of red and orange