Friday, October 12, 2012

In the Shape of the Sun

Wake up restless eyes
Slowly amount to nothing 
In the shape of the sun...

(You are)

I don't see beyond this. 

Reasons that once made you.
Now we don't belong 

You lie again and lie to me
I lie awake and try to find meaning...

(The headstone with no name
No proper eulogy)

I fall asleep with eyes awake
And this deadly heart beating PULSE
Overwhelms the idea 

Of anything important...

Anything once felt.  

The hatred inside
Your mask and mine
Could not be the same...

(Could not be sacred)

What you're doing and what I've done;
Still recalls the memory of the heated love

(The passion)

And now it's certain...

I don't belong. 


Sudden train without you near...
Slow moving river of the children's fields 

In the shape of the sun...

(You are)

Somewhere beyond this. 

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