Saturday, September 8, 2012

Treat Us Like Nothing.

There are only familiar places... 
As far as the eye can see, 
Only familiar faces 
From the hallow void you speak 

Nowhere near the depth... 
And it's just plan ordinary... 

Find your words to be so small 
Trickle like rain 
The bottles and the dust... 

(Always building up 
And building up) 

Treat us like nothing. 

Read some literature 
Pick a line or two to express... 
(Reword the open letter) 
Send a postcard with a picture of 
Some better place, 

(Reword the open letter) 
I only know how to say hello... 
Never know how to make more... 

Nowhere near the depth... 

What would you give to make them understand? 
I feel their eyes are growing narrow now, 
Know they spy with such envy … 

And it's not what they are, 
It's who they grow to be… 

(Would trade it all for silence 
Would trade it all for grace) 

If what your love is designed to feel 
Flows out hatred 
I don’t what you’re heart closing in. 

(Would trade it all for silence 
Would trade it all for grace) 

A whole other grade of ignorance. 

(Don’t you see the symbolism here? 

A whole other grade of liars 

Regarded to be 


But what they are is unreliable 

Commonly mislead, 


Treated like Nothing .

It’s not what they are 

It’s who they grow to be.

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