Wednesday, September 12, 2012



Clear the mind and search the endless path;
The worlds between different eyes...
Seen affectionately 

Pale resemblance of colour...

Panic to love, for it's loss. 

I'll be awake come morning
But life won't show through
I'll be asleep come daylight...
Still worlds away from you.

Every single night still holding on
A dream without gravity

Fears, the falling down.

I'll be awake come morning.


I, the iris to the moon 
Soon dead flowers will grow from me
Out of my palms
Touch the soul
The unwritten truth.

Watching blue skies turn from gold... 

And embers burn from trees... 

(My voice 
A soliloquy...)

Will you be there come morning
Pressing calm as needles...?

Like cold rain from hell...


The example of heaven had proven
The earth. 
The slim chance of my existence
Nowhere near even one. 

This life, your unbalanced mind 
Couldn't alter...
Without disrupting the grace 
Deep within hearts


As simple as believing 
For the very sake... 

Though I am here, most of all...
My faith

Your love becomes immortalized.

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